AYV Sets the Stage for February 15 Presidential Debate_*

By Ranger
The entire nation should praise the AYV Media Empire for its invaluable contribution to not only the enculturation of youths in the country but also for taking the lead in setting the tone of the country’s politics through its programs with politicians, statesmen and public officials’ debates and sharing views and ideas on important national issues.

The AYV has opened the nation to a flurry of debates among the citizenry and especially those who will vote in the March 7th elections with the presidential debate that it will host with its partners on February 15th.

The importance of this debate should be seen in the light of the fact that this time; the presidential election is not going to be a straight fight between the APC and the SLPP. Other interesting personalities have jumped into the race in the likes of the NGC’s Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, C4C’s Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana, CDP’s Alhaji Musa Tarwallie, not forgetting ADP’s Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray.

What the pending AYV Presidential Debate will do is add more excitement to what promises to be a tightly run race. For those who are yet undecided as to which candidate they should vote for, the widely broadcasted event will offer them the opportunity to evaluate the different candidates; and which one of them best fits to translate their dreams and aspirations into concrete reality.

In this regard, just as with the Freetown Mayoral Candidates’ debate, the AYV Presidential Debate will give many Sierra Leoneans who have heard but not seen the presidential candidates, the opportunity to evaluate them physically, as well as on what they say.

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